Systemic Healthcare Solutions is in the business to support physicians 


We want to help you create the best clinic to offer the best services to your patients. Full stop, mic drop.

Our Services

New Clinic Start-Up Support Services

  • Hourly consultation
  • New clinic start-up checklist
  • HR Package
  • Technology Recommendations

Digital Needs Assessments

  • Full Technology Review and Recommendations
  • FREE Digital Needs Quiz
  • Digital Needs Checklists for New Clinics
  • Digital Needs Checklists for Existing Clinics
  • Digital Needs Checklists and Resources for Virtual Groups & Webinars

Medical Practice Office Reviews

  • Workflow analysis & redesign
  • Operational review & recommendations
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Change management advice & recommendations
  • Communication tools
  • Human Resource Analysis & tools


Billing optimization consultation:

  • Daily billing optimization for Fee-For-Service, FHO, FHN & PEM models
  • Remittance Advice & Reconciliation Summary queries
  • Error code queries
  • Third Party & WSIB billing
  • Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) billing through Blue Cross

Billing training for new learners:

  • Recent physician graduates
  • Newcomer physicians from other provinces/countries
  • Office Managers/Billing Clerks

Don’t see what you need?
We offer hourly consultation services.

Here are some examples of what we have guided physicians on in the past: workload complaints from staff; transitioning from faxing/scanning to importing electronic files; high overhead; security for your clinic; unhappy and high turnover of staff; adding a colleague to your clinic… the list goes on.

  • "We turned to Systemic Healthcare Solutions to help us with how our office functions. Marie helped the staff to understand that she was not there to cut jobs, but to help streamline workflow processes to improve their jobs. We found that her knowledge of the industry was extensive. The on-site visit was not too disruptive to our patient schedule and allowed our physicians to continue to care for patients as they normally do. We definitely recommend Systemic Healthcare Solutions for conducting an efficiency review. They provided valuable recommendations for a reasonable investment."

    – Quinte West Family Health Organization