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Why is Systemic Healthcare Solutions the best option for your medical practice consulting needs? We offer a unique approach to medical practice management and consulting. Each clinic is unique, therefore the tools to improve your clinic operations must be unique.

We provide our clients with customized recommendations and resources that help streamline operations, increase profits, enhance efficiency and optimize productivity which lead to improving the overall environment, reducing stress and improving patient satisfaction. Our services benefit both new practices who are just starting up as well as existing practices. Our clients include but are not limited to; all general medical practices, Family Health Teams, Nurse Practitioner Led clinics, Walk-in and Urgent Care Clinics.

New Clinic
Start-Up Support Services

There are many steps to open a new clinic. You could also be presented with many variables such as a new empty suite versus a ready to move in space that already fits your needs. The most important first step is to gather your team of experts so they are ready in your back pocket (practice advisor, bookkeeper/accountant, lawyer, real estate expert, financial advisor and banking specialist). Timelines are also another tricky area. The steps you take can either start you off in a positive position from the beginning, or put your clinic in a reactive state. Patching problems as you encounter them. We can help you set up your clinic to be successful from the beginning.

Needs Assessments

Take our FREE online Digital Needs Assessment quiz to gain a basic understanding of where you stand in terms of your clinic’s current IT savviness. Schedule a 1:1 consultation with our Digital Health and Technology Consultant who will review all things IT with you (hardware, software, EMR integrated products and more). We provide Digital Needs Assessments for both new startup clinics and for existing clinic practices. After your consultation, you will be provided with a customized checklist of priority items for your team to focus on to enhance the efficiency in your day to day clinic operations.

Medical Practice Office Reviews

  • Workflow analysis & redesign
  • Operational review & recommendations
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Change management advice & recommendations
  • Communication tools
  • Human Resource Analysis & tools

Medical practice office reviews offer a deeper dive into the daily operations of your clinic. Many options are available, such as a comprehensive review of the entire practice (staffing, communications, governance, financial, efficiency reviews, workflow improvements, use of technology).

Or maybe you just need us to focus on one or two areas. In our experience, every clinic is different and each come with their own unique circumstances. We offer bespoke consulting services to meet your needs and your budget. Let’s have a conversation to see how we can help you.


  • Daily billing optimization for Fee-For-Service, FHO, FHN and PEM models
  • Remittance Advice, Reconciliation Summary, and Error Code queries
  • Third Party and WSIB billing
  • Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) billing through Blue Cross
  • One-to-one billing training for physicians and staff

In order to cover your expenses – and make a living – you need to get paid. Provincial billing rules are complex and can be difficult to navigate. While you may have a basic knowledge of standard billing practices, there could be many areas where your billing could be optimized: are you following up on error code and reconciliation summary reports? Do you bill the most appropriate and optimized fees for patient visits? Does your third-party billing capture everything you are allowed to charge, while still complying with OMA guidelines? A consultation with our Billing Specialist can help you ensure that you are being properly compensated for the hard work you do.

Whether you are a seasoned physician, a new graduate or new to practice who
needs to learn the ins and outs of billing or have office staff who need to learn how to bill for you, our Billing Specialist also offers one-to-one OHIP and Third Party billing training.

Hourly Consultation

Bounce some ideas off us or ask us what we would do

  • Practice management
  • Clinic Manager support
  • Operations advice
  • Risk Management mitigation techniques

Sometimes you just need to have a quick consultation and bounce some ideas off experts in the field. That would be US! Or maybe you are not exactly sure where to start? Regardless, we are here for you. It’s simple…just reach out and we will schedule a call that works for both of us.

Here are some examples of what we have guided physicians on in the past: workload complaints from staff; transitioning from faxing/scanning to importing electronic files; high overhead; security for your clinic; unhappy and high turnover of staff; adding a colleague to your clinic… the list goes on.

Book a consult with our team of experts and ASK US ANYTHING!

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  • "With the development of our Family Health Team, a new building for us was needed, where many of the FHO physicians could work together in a larger, more up-to-date facility and be closer to the FHT allied health professionals. We contacted Systemic Healthcare Solutions to complete a needs assessment for us and to help us figure out the next steps forward. Marie and her colleagues were a pleasure to work with: professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and considerate of our time and confidentiality. They made the process as easy and painless as it could have been. We are looking forward to our eventual co-location and new facility thanks to Systemic Healthcare."

    – Dr. Ruth Wilson, Lindsay, ON