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Our team has spent years working on the frontline. We know where the system is broken. We have worked side-by-side and supported physicians in various specialities, community and hospital settings. We understand your challenges. The bottom line is that we can identify with every day medical practice challenges, and that sets us apart from our competitors. Our recommendations for your clinic are practical, cost effective and ensures your clinic is cutting-edge and runs optimally.

Meet the Team

  • Marie Carniello

    President and Principal Consultant

    With a Healthcare Administration background, Marie has close to three decades of experience working in the healthcare industry. Fifteen of those years in an alternative funded, multi-disciplinary group medical practice.

    Since 2005, Marie has been providing practice management guidance and healthcare consulting services to physicians across Canada. Marie has guided groups through primary care renewal initiatives, IT implementation, efficiency studies, workflow re-design, practice mergers and educational seminars to a wide variety of speciality groups. She has held executive positions with the Ontario Medical Group Management Association and is a past member of the MGMA ACMPE and actively volunteers for several community organizations in Southern Ontario.

  • Heather Vogin

    Digital Health and Technology Consultant

    With a Healthcare Administration and IT background, Heather has over 15 years of practical experience in the healthcare industry having worked in a variety of roles within different clinical settings. She brings a strong knowledge of the inner-workings of the different IT systems used within clinic environments and focuses on ways clinics can utilize technology to enhance efficiency in their practices.

    Heather is passionate about healthcare, digital product integration, capturing and using data to optimize workflow, working with healthcare practices to enhance efficiency from administrative to clinical tasks, promoting tools that encourage virtual/remote work and promotion of a healthy work-life balance.

  • Lauren DeNapoli

    Billing Optimization Consultant

    With a Healthcare Administration and Teaching background, Lauren has been working in the medical office environment since 2010 in a variety of roles, including as a Billing Clerk and Family Health Organization Administrator. She has a strong knowledge of the ins-and-outs of physician billing in both Fee-for-Service and Primary Enrollment Model practices, and can deftly navigate the OHIP Schedule of Benefits. Lauren has experience delivering billing training education sessions to a variety of institutions and private practices as well as provided in-depth, on-the-job billing training to medical office staff.

    Lauren loves to teach and feels passionately about the importance of physicians and their staff receiving the knowledge and skills to ensure that physicians are optimally compensated for the important work they do.

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In order to provide a full service to our clients, we have partnered with several companies in order to offer you beneficial discounts. Our clients are extremely satisfied with these companies and we want to spread the joy.

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  • "Systemic Healthcare Solutions has been a guiding light and very knowledgeable helping us to establish our primary care and pharmacy clinic in Ontario. I am limited with my time and the team has led our project over the last year. Without their leadership, we would have struggled putting all the intricate details in place. We highly recommend physicians reach out to Systemic to lead them through a new clinic development project."

    – Dr. A. Aboud, Mississauga, ON