Quick Tips to Reduce Medical Clinic Expenses

  1. On occasion, go through expenses with a fine tooth comb. Look for items that can be eliminated or cut altogether. In larger clinics, sit down with your clinic manager to review. Ask what each expense is and task the clinic manager with finding alternative vendors and pricing. For example, do you need 25 large sharp’s disposal containers? Can you eliminate some or find another vendor?
  2. Watch automatic renewals for software and magazine subscriptions. Online purchases with your credit card sometimes automatically renew at the end of the term unless you advise them otherwise. If you purchase something that will automatically renew, go directly to your calendar and put a reminder in for a few weeks prior to the renewal date. When the time comes around, choose to let it automatically renew if the product or service is still beneficial or go into the back end of your profile and delete your credit card information or change the renewal options.
  3. Are you paying too much for your website and social media marketing? Poll your staff to see if anyone would be interested in taking over this task. It can be a welcome change of pace for an employee to be asked to do something outside of their regular daily activities and some really have a great knack for it.